What to Expect

Initial Evaluation Appointment

The initial evaluation is designed to be a comprehensive information gathering as well as an introduction to the staff members who will be working with you for the rest of your time in MemoryCare’s program (click here to read about our staff). It is  conducted with family members and other important caregivers present and requires three hours to complete.

The clinical portion of the evaluation involves history taking, cognitive testing, and physical examination. The family/caregiver portion of the evaluation involves history taking, education, problem-solving, and direction to necessary resources.

MemoryCare does not offer after hours or weekend coverage for urgent or emergency medical concerns.  When such coverage is deemed necessary call either the primary care physician after hours contact or the 911/emergency medical care system for needed assistance.

Follow-up Appointments & Support

Return visits average one hour in length. Our staff will conduct a medical exam for the patient and caregivers meet privately with physician and caremanager to address any new questions or concerns that have come up since the last visit (this includes a review of medications and treatment plan).


In between visits, we offer support over the phone and via e-mail for the patient and caregivers to address any urgent questions or concerns.