Caregiver Support

When you bring your family member to MemoryCare, the physician-led care team provides an extensive evaluation that includes learning more about your loved one’s medical history and problem solving to provide your family with a comprehensive care plan.

The hallmark of MemoryCare is our focus on caregiver support. We value excellence in care for your loved one and provide the resources and emotional support that will enable you to continue caregiving without jeopardizing your own health and well-being.

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing up to date information about the most effective and helpful resources for caregivers. We sponsor educational events, have an extensive resource library, and assist them in accessing resources in the community. We offer a Caregiver Consult service for caregivers needing service before enrollment with us. The MemoryCaregivers Network is another avenue of support for those caring for a loved one with cognitive impairment.

Click here to read more about our clinical model; click here for what to expect during initial and follow-up appointments.

Geriatric Caregiver Consult Service

Pam Lessig

MemoryCare offers a unique counseling service for caregivers who need more immediate assistance. The service is primarily for caregivers not currently enrolled in MemoryCare who need help locating suitable resources to assist them in caring for their loved one. Families considering enrollment may choose to utilize this service prior to their enrollment if they have a more pressing non-medical need.

A one hour consultation will take place with a MemoryCare trained care management professional to review specific caregiver needs and provide support and guidance toward available resources. Examples of areas where this service can be of help include: direction in finding respite services, guidance in evaluating facility care, education in how to handle dementia related behaviors, managing caregiver stress, finding dementia appropriate activities, and where to take fraud concerns.

Pamela Lessig has helped adults deal with important decisions regarding the care of their loved one for years. She has worked at MemoryCare as a care-manager and counseled families with eldercare issues. Her credentials include an M.A., M.B.A., and L.P.C.
The cost for this service is $55. For more information, please contact MemoryCare at (828)771-2219.