Diamonds to Pearls – Using Teepa’s GEMS® to Identify the Progression of Dementia

November 17 to December 15, 2020
Five sessions – Meets on Tuesdays
Time: 10:00-11:30 am
Location: Live-broadcast for online attendance only (through Zoom)

Presenter: Mary Donnelly

Mary Donnelly has been a part of MemoryCare since 2003 – first as a caregiver when her mother became a patient, and now as coordinator of the MemoryCaregivers Network.   Currently, Mary co-facilitates several area peer support groups, edits an online bi-monthly newsletter, Caregiver Network News, and is a frequent speaker on dementia issues.  Mary is a Mentor/Trainer/Consultant for Teepa Snow, national dementia expert.

This program will use Teepa Snow’s GEMS® State Model to help caregivers better understand the progression of dementia and how it applies to their particular caregiving situation.

Each session will focus on a different GEM®
11/17: Diamond
11/24: Emerald
12/1: Amber
12/8: Ruby
12/15: Pearl

Important!!! Prior to registering, we recommend that you review the description of each of the five individual GEMS® states to determine which GEM(s)® are most relevant for you. Click here for a flyer of those descriptions. We welcome you to take any or all of the five sessions as you choose.  After registering, please check your confirmation email sent from Zoom which will include a link to a handout that will be used during the discussions.

For questions call our office at 828-771-2219 or email

The GEMS® State Model recognizes the dynamic nature of the human brain and its abilities. Unlike other cognitive models, it acknowledges that everyone’s abilities can change in a moment. Modifying environments, situations, interactions, and expectations will create either supportive positive opportunities or result in distress and a sense of failure. Just as gemstones need different settings and care to show their best characteristics, so do people. Rather than focusing on a person’s loss when there is brain change, seeing individuals as precious, unique, and capable encourages a care partnership and is the core of this model. Providing supportive settings for everyone, including care providers, allows them to use what they have to be their best. The GEMS® State Model advocates that everyone living with brain change will shine when given the opportunity.