Like the Warmth and Comfort of a Quilt

On my husband’s bed is a locally made, hand stitched quilt. Like the beautiful quilt on the wall in the new MemoryCare building, it is a work of art. It comforts and warms him each night as he sleeps in his care facility.

About 11 or 12 years ago I noticed a gradual change in my husband, Ennalls; (rhymes with “Reynolds”). He’d had a career that required him to be able to juggle a dozen balls in the air at once. He could no longer do that and, I noticed, started to miss appointments or was unable to grasp the complexities of an issue. Our regular doctor suggested that MemoryCare might be helpful and referred us to them.

What a blessing to have found our way to MemoryCare!  Not only was Ennalls under the care of a doctor who understood dementia and all its nuances and subtleties, but also I could talk with someone who knew what I was going through.

Although the journey for each person and their loved ones differs, there are experiences that can be common with dementia. MemoryCare has helped provide us with basic info as well as tools and skills on how to deal with this degenerative disease.  Sitting down periodically with our MemoryCare doctor; sharing laughter and tears at the monthly support group; learning the ins and outs of the disease through MemoryCare workshops and their excellent “Caregiver College” – all of these resources have been invaluable to our journey.

MemoryCare was also there for us when it was time to place him in a care facility.  They had recommended that I “do my homework” and research which place would suit his needs the best.  Because they had encouraged me to move ahead, I placed his name on the waiting list, and there was a spot available for him when it was time to make that move earlier this year.

Ennalls finds comfort in his beautiful quilt. I find comfort in all that MemoryCare has provided us through the years.  Thank you, MemoryCare!

-Suzi Berl, Caregiver