About Us

MemoryCare is nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is three-fold: To provide specialized medical care to older adults with cognitive impairment; to support caregivers with education, counseling, and improved access to services; and to provide community education.

Founder, Dr. Margaret Noel and Director, Dr. Virginia Templeton

MemoryCare is an independent, community-based organization, located in Asheville, NC, consisting of a team of physicians, nurses, social workers and volunteers dedicated to one goal – helping individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and other cognitive disorders live as fully as possible for as long as possible at home or in their preferred setting.  We are the only organization of our kind in western North Carolina and one of the few in the nation that focuses on equipping the caregiver with the resources they need as well as providing excellent care to their loved one. We also have a satellite clinic in Waynesville, NC (west of Asheville) where we serve rural patients living in surrounding counties.

The diagnosis of any cognitive disorder puts in motion a long and challenging journey for patients and their families. MemoryCare is there every step of the way, from assessment and treatment, to support and education for families and caregivers.

Givens Estates has been MemoryCare’s home since our inception in 2000, and we are beholden to the administrators.

MemoryCare’s is located on the campus of Givens Estate United Methodist Retirement Community. The Givens Communities generously provided a land lease upon which The SECU Center for MemoryCare was constructed.  In addition, Givens Communities graciously provides annual operational support for a ten-year period.  Givens has exhibited such extraordinary leadership in our community and truly their gift of the long term land lease and help with operations keeps our overhead low and makes a huge difference in our ability to carry out our mission. With less than 5% of our patients residing on the Givens campus, their support is truly a gift to the region. The strong foundation MemoryCare receives from Givens Communities is unparalleled in philanthropy, and MemoryCare physicians and staff are and will be forever grateful.

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Our Values


Maintain the highest quality in clinical, supportive, and educational services.


Provide a safe, caring environment that demonstrates respect for all individuals.


Work with patients, caregivers, staff, and other organizations to enhance services and share knowledge.


Act at the highest level of ethical behavior, fiscal responsibility, fairness and accountability.


Ensure that our services remain available to the region as an independent, non-profit organization and a well-established model for others to follow.