Supporting MemoryCare

“Thank you MemoryCare! I know I could not help her without you all.”

~ Alexandra Cedeno, MemoryCare Caregiver

MemoryCare is dedicated to helping families affected by Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. Our integrated approach in caring for patients and families creates a partnership that is unique in treating dementia in a family. We rely on charitable donations for every family served. We are committed to raising additional funds to ensure that no family is denied services due to inability to pay.

You may wonder why a medical program relies on charitable contributions. Because of the comprehensive nature of our appointments with both our patients and their families, only a portion of our services are covered by Medicare and other insurance providers. We rely on a cost-sharing system between caregiver fees and charitable donations to support the remaining cost of the program.

MemoryCare is a community-based, charitable, nonprofit organization – that is, we are local, we offer care to anyone with need, and we rely on support from the community to be here.

For information on how you can support MemoryCare, click the link below or contact Liz Grieco at

Why Your Support Matters

A review of MemoryCare Annual Income Sources.
Percentage % of MemoryCare Income Sources

  • Charitable Funds
  • Caregiver Fees
  • Insurance Fees