Georgia Crump Award

MemoryCare Announces Recipients of the 2022 Georgia Crump Certified Nursing Assistant Award

Certified Nursing Assistants, Antwinette “Nettie” Twitty from CarePartners Hospice, Jocelynn Nicole Granere from Four Seasons Hospice, and Jeannine Ferreyra from MH Eckerd Living Center were recently honored with MemoryCare’s 2022 Georgia Crump Certified Nursing Assistants Award. The Georgia Crump Award, awarded annually since 2003, was established to honor nursing assistants for the heroic work they do every day. It was named to honor Georgia Crump, LPN, in recognition of her passion and dedication for improving working conditions and educational opportunities for nursing assistants.

Antwinette “Nettie” Twitty has been a nursing assistant for 13 years and currently is employed by CarePartners Hospice in Asheville. Nettie was nominated by Beverly Switzer. They wrote, “Watching Nettie work with a patient is like watching a spirit in a graceful dance, moving so delicately that the actual tasks are nearly unnoticed,” and, “She expresses gratitude to nearly everyone who enters the building, speaking with authority on behalf of our team, letting them know the importance of the work that they are doing for our patients and community.”

Jeannine Ferreyra has been a nursing assistant for 15 years and currently is employed by MH Eckerd Living Center in Highlands. Jeannine was nominated by Ava Ammons. They wrote, “Her care is not reserved for the deserving. Her light reaches every corner and touches every living thing and encourages it to bloom,” and, “Her accepting nature, caring spirit, and endless compassion makes her the person every staff member, from manager to housekeeper, from new hire to veteran, and across every generation, goes to for support.”

Jocelynn Nicole Granere has been a nursing assistant for 23 years and has recently retired from Four Season’s Hospice in Flat Rock. Jocelynn was nominated by Crystal Gera. They wrote, “We have been blessed by her devotion and her willingness to help whenever the need arises. She is recognized for un-ending love she has given to ALL of her patients,” and, “The care Nikki Provides, leaves her patients feeling relaxed, clean, and comforted. Even the most challenging patients and situations are met with a gentle touch and can-do attitude.”


Thank you CarePartners Health Services, Four Seasons, and Eckerd Living Center for helping facilitate the presentation of this award!

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