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“The MemoryCare Plays is a collection that marshals theater’s unique power to confront the human condition with a gaze clear and unwavering…” — Stuart Dybek, MacArthur Fellow and Whiting Writers’ Award Winner, author, The Coast of Chicago, I Sailed with Magellan, and Streets in Their Own Ink

August 23, 2022 in Brown County, WI A performance of Steering into the Skid, sponsored by The Automobile Gallery, Alzheimer’s Association, and the Brown County Dementia Friendly Community Coalition, will be provided at The Automobile Gallery in Green Bay, WI.

September 15, 2022 in Shawano County, WI – A performance of Steering into the Skid, sponsored by Wolf River Dementia Network, will be provided over lunch at the Wolf River Aging and Disability Resource Center.

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This anthology was commissioned specifically to create awareness about dementia and to help fund care for those affected by memory loss through the performance of its plays and sale of the playbook itself. We invite you to use this remarkable set of plays in any way you choose to further these two goals.

Whether read or performed, the plays will increase the public’s understanding of dementia. The anthology includes discussion questions for book groups, benefit performances, educational outreach, and support groups.

Instructions for Utilizing These Plays

The playwrights of these three one act plays have graciously granted MemoryCare the authority to grant other nonprofit organizations dedicated to dementia care a non-exclusive, royalty free license to perform the approved version of their plays, in whole or in part, at any educational, advocacy or fundraising event, provided that such nonprofit organization agrees that all profits raised from any such event will be applied to the care or support of persons affected by dementia. All monies earned are yours to distribute as you wish to the dementia related non-profit of your choice.

Any license granted by MemoryCare to a nonprofit organization dedicated to dementia care shall be granted on a single-use basis and the playwright shall be notified when MemoryCare grants a license for the performance of their work.

In all printed, published and licensed performances of the approved work, whole or part, the playwright must be credited as well as the published source, The MemoryCare Plays edited by Margaret A. Noel, MD. If only part of the play is published, printed or performed, it must be acknowledged in the credits that the presented work is part of a longer work by the playwright and published by MemoryCare. Please see below for an example:

Steering into the Skid, by Arnold Johnston and Deborah Ann Percy, was published in The MemoryCare Plays, a book of three one-act plays compiled and edited by Dr. Margaret A. Noel. In 12 short scenes, one per month – starting on New Year’s Eve – and all taking place in the couple’s SUV, the audience comes to know Tim and Amanda and bear witness to the early progression of dementia. As the months pass, the audience sees the subtle changes and adjustments this loving couple is forced to deal with due to memory loss. For more information visit www.memorycare.org/plays.”

Any person or entity requesting to perform these plays that is not a non-profit organization dedicated to dementia care will be referred directly to the playwright.

For further information on utilizing these plays for educational, advocacy, or fundraising purposes, please contact MemoryCare. Bulk rate pricing is available for purchasing copies of the play anthology.

Contact Margaret Noel at MemoryCare (noel@memorycare.org).

“It is a gracious way to raise consciousness about this issue of memory loss–people will respond to these plays in very positive ways. Art can sometimes reach people when science cannot.” — C. Robert Jones, Professor emeritus, Mars Hill University

Award Winning

The MemoryCare Plays received a bronze medal for best anthology at the 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards. The “IPPY” Awards honor the year’s best independently published books. In 2014, the contest drew over 91 entries from authors and publishers in all 50 U.S. states, nine Canadian provinces, and 32 countries overseas.