Does someone need a referral before they come to MemoryCare?

Yes. A referral is needed from a healthcare provider involved in the person’s care.  For the best coordination of care, the referral should come from the person’s primary care physician (PCP) if possible.  If there is no PCP, we maintain a list of physicians accepting new patients.  Clinicians can find the referral form here. Referrals can be faxed to MemoryCare at 828-771-2634.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

From the time we receive a referral to the date of a scheduled appointment is several weeks to 2 months, depending on the volume of referrals we receive.

If families need assistance sooner than their scheduled appointment, they can schedule a one-time visit with our Care Consultation Program.  This is a service for caregivers only.  Also available during this time, is our Resource Library, peer caregiver support groups, and enrollment in our Caregiver College.

Can an individual who is having cognitive changes be seen at MemoryCare without having a caregiver who will come to visits? 

No.  At MemoryCare, along with the person having cognitive issues, family members/caregivers are an integral part of the care team and come to every visit.  For the best care of an individual with cognitive impairment, having a family member or caregiver involved is essential.  This is what makes MemoryCare different from “usual care.”

There are other physicians and resources available in the community that serve individuals with cognitive impairment by themselves.  MemoryCare is the only program in this region that integrates such care.  For our model of care, it is necessary for a caregiver to be present at every appointment.

How is MemoryCare funded?

For MemoryCare to operate, it costs about $2,000 per family, per year for the comprehensive care we provide.  Though every professional guideline outlines the type of care we offer, insurance does not cover the full cost of services provided.  Through grants, donations, and endowment income, we raise charitable funds for about 50% of our budget each year.  The remaining income comes from program fees including 1) insurance reimbursement for the time a physician is with the person with cognitive impairment, and 2) an annual caregiver membership fee for services families receive that are not covered by insurance.

We accept any insurance, but no insurance plan covers the full cost of care.  For those who may have difficulty paying our caregiver fees, we offer payment plans, fee reductions, or fee waivers. We work diligently to raise funds to keep this fee as low as possible and to ensure all with need are seen regardless of their ability to pay.

If the caregiver membership fee is a hardship for your family, please let the scheduler know when setting up an appointment so arrangements can be made in advance of your visit.

What is the Caregiver Membership Fee, and what does it cover?

Alongside expert medical care for the person with cognitive impairment, we also work with caregivers. MemoryCare helps to ensure that caregivers have the education, training, and support to care for their loved one and keep them as independent as possible for as long as possible.  Caregiver involvement is vital, not only for medical decision-making but to ensure that care plans are appropriate and implemented as planned.

The caregiver membership fee covers services for the supportive care, education, and training that caregivers/families receive over a one-year period. These services are an integral part of MemoryCare’s program.  They include, but are not limited to, caregiver support, use of our library resources, workshops, and our caregiver training and education course.

The caregiver membership fee is necessary in order for our program to provide the quality of services that are appropriate for caregivers of cognitively impaired individuals. Please know that we actively pursue charitable funding so that no family will be left out due to inability to pay.  If you need assistance managing this fee, simply let us know. We will gladly work with you to lower or waive the caregiver membership fee if needed.

How much is the Caregiver Fee?

The Caregiver Membership Fee is $695 per year and is subject to change.  We require a non-refundable $100 deposit when the initial appointment is made. Unless other arrangements are made, the remaining balance of $595 is due at the first appointment.

For families already enrolled, $695 will be due for re-enrollment annually.  A letter will be sent at the anniversary of the initial visit with request for payment or communication of a plan to discontinue the program.

No family will be denied this service due to inability to pay.  Please let us know if you need assistance managing the caregiver membership fee, and we will make the arrangements.  We raise charitable funds to keep this fee at a minimum and to ensure that all with need can be enrolled in MemoryCare.

What type of professionals do you have on staff?

Our care teams consists of a medical doctor and a care manager. We do not have Neurologists, Psychiatrists, or Neuropsychologists on staff.  All of our physicians have special training in dementia and have dedicated their careers to the care of older adults with dementia.  Click here to read our Clinical Staff Bio’s.