Explanation of Fees

MemoryCare is a different kind of clinic. Half of the program is devoted to persons with dementia and half is devoted to the caregivers who partner with them to live their best possible lives. Therefore, there are two types of fees:  patient fees (typically covered by insurers and billed to the patient) and annual caregiver support membership fee (not covered by insurers).

Paying for MemoryCare

Patient Fees

MemoryCare receives payment from insurance companies for the physician’s time spent with patients assessing, diagnosing and treating the symptoms of cognitive impairment. We will interact with Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance on the patient’s behalf. Most insurance companies require that a co-payment be paid by the patient, as well as any deductible not met by their insurance.

Caregiver Membership Fee

MemoryCare is designed for our dementia care experts to be able to devote extended time to caregivers beyond that included by any insurer to prepare, educate, train and support them for the role they must play. This time is apart from the clinical care of the person with dementia. The fee does not cover any medical services which are provided to patients under their insurance benefits.

Because no insurance covers the extensive time our program devotes to the education and training of caregivers, we charge annual cost-sharing fee and raise funds to keep those fees affordable and to ensure that no family caregiver will be denied service for financial reasons. The current annual caregiver membership fee is $695. We require a $50 deposit when the appointment is made. Please notify the scheduler if reduced or waived fees are needed, otherwise, the remaining balance ($645) is due at the first appointment. All family members involved in a patient’s care are eligible for these services under this one fee.

MemoryCare raises more than 50% of its operating budget on an annual basis through a combination of grants, donations, and investment income to keep fees to caregivers affordable and to reduce or waive them as needed.

This Caregiver Membership Fee covers services for the supportive care and training of the caregiver(s) for one year including (but not limited to):

  • Access to care teams for support and tailored resources from 8:30 – 4 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Enrollment in Caregiver College, our six-session training and education program instructed by a physician, a caregiver support specialist and elder law attorney. This course is designed to prepare caregivers for changes in their loved ones, to better understand the development of the disease, and to provide education on caring for oneself as a caregiver.
  • Annual caregiver education events and 24/7 access to our online education platform to watch on-demand a library of previously provided education events, including Caregiver College (valued at $395 for non-enrolled families).
  • Live or Livestream Caregiver Workshops hosted by MemoryCare that provide additional information about care giving and medical advances in the detection and treatment of memory disorders.
  • Use of our Lebedeff Eldercare Resource Center and its extensive collection of books, videos, pamphlets and journals on memory disorders, caregiving, community resources, ethics and end-of-life care, as well as information on healthy aging. The Center also provides high speed internet access for on-line searches of current health information.
  • Subscription to Caregiver E-newsletter.