MemoryCare’s Caregiver Education Program

MemoryCare offers a series of six, three-hour lectures for caregivers of people with memory disorders.  Sessions are designed to improve caregiver understanding of different aspects of dementia care. The course will be led by MemoryCare staff (module 1-5) with guest speaker, attorney Caroline Knox (module 6).

Course Content

  1. What Is Dementia?
  2. Transitioning from Independence to Interdependence
  3. Functional and Behavioral Changes of Dementia
  4. Dementia Treatment Options and Risk Reduction
  5. Caring for the Caregiver
  6. Dementia and Legal Planning Issues

Upcoming Course Dates

Until further notice, courses will be provided as a live-broadcast for online attendance only. The ability to access Zoom through a computer, tablet or smartphone with a reliable internet connection is necessary to attend. If you are unable to attend virtually and would need to join in-person, please reach out to us at 828-771-2219 or Related course materials will be provided via email.

MemoryCare is a community based non-profit charitable organization providing care for individuals with dementia and support, education and counseling for their caregivers and families. MemoryCare relies on charitable funds to offer this program in the community. If you would like to donate in support of our program, please click here.

Registration is required. To register, click the corresponding course registration button below. For questions email us at or call our office at 828-771-2219.

2023 Course Dates:


January 5 to February 9
2-5:00 pm


April 13 to May 18
2-5:00 pm

Not one minute of my time was wasted during this course. Everything you covered I needed to know, and so well organized. Thank you.

Caregiver College Participant

Caregiver College has made me a much better companion with more patience and understanding toward my dad than I was before.  And it has strengthened my relationship with him (and my sisters in the meantime too!)

Caregiver College Participant

My knowledge has increased ten-fold at least. I have been to Caregiver College and found that very helpful and informative

Caregiver College Participant

The 6 week class for caregivers was very helpful for understanding the disease and for working with the patient.

Caregiver College Participant

From the first class of learning about dementia to all the classes following, it has been an atmosphere of learning from compassionate instructors. Thank you for all your help.

Caregiver College Participant

This course was AMAZING. I have already recommended it to several people as an in-depth training and resource for caregivers. I wish I had attended a year ago! I had no idea how much I would learn that would have made the last year MUCH EASIER. I’m thankful for it now!

Caregiver College Participant