What To Expect

Initial Evaluation Appointment

MemoryCare is a unique program that provides far more than a diagnosis. It provides an action plan for the caregiver that is ever-evolving with the changing needs of the person living with the memory disorder and the caregiver. Both parties are an integral part of the process and best-practice dementia care necessitates the presence of a dedicated family member or friend at all appointments.

The initial evaluation is designed to be a comprehensive information gathering as well as an introduction to the staff members who will be working with you for the rest of your time in MemoryCare’s program (click here to read about our staff). The process is broken down below in greater detail:

The total visit will average three hours, and is divided into four blocks of time. Please be mindful that each family is different, and may require sequence changes in the events described below.

Block one: The patient and family interview with a care manager. The discussion at this time will be primarily between the patient and the care manager, who will review relevant medical history and start basic cognitive testing with the patient. It is important that the patient answer for themselves during this period unless the care manager directs questions to the family.  (A ten-minute break is provided after this time.)

Block two: The patient will go to an exam room with the care manager for further testing and preparation for the clinical exam. The family will be in a private interview with the doctor at this time.

Block three: The doctor will have private time with the patient, performing further physical and cognitive testing as warranted. The care manager will meet with the family, review resources, and assess needs.

Block four: The doctor, family, and patient (if appropriate) meet together to discuss findings and the plan of care.

MemoryCare does not offer after hours or weekend coverage for urgent or emergency medical concerns.  When such coverage is deemed necessary, call either the primary care physician after hours contact or the 911/emergency medical care system for needed assistance.

“There is an extra component of care that families receive at MemoryCare: Counseling and coaching.  Then there is ‘Caregiver College,’ where families are educated about the brain’s changes and also given the perspectives from various professionals. MemoryCare is the best system for helping families who are affected by dementia; they guide better than anyone else.”

-Bill Mobley, Caregiver

Follow-up Appointments & Support

Return visits average one hour in length. Our staff will conduct cognitive testing and a medical exam for the patient.  Caregivers will meet privately with the physician and a care manager to address any new questions or concerns that have come up since the last visit (this includes a review of medications and treatment plan). We ask that families bring a medication list and bottles to every appointment.

In between visits, we offer support over the phone and via e-mail for the patient and caregivers to address any urgent questions or concerns.