Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Asheville

alzheimer's caregiver support asheville

Searching for Alzheimer’s caregiver support Asheville NC area? Contact MemoryCare today. Our hallmark is caregiver support.

MemoryCare is a nonprofit organization that offers community-based care of memory-impaired individuals in Asheville and the surrounding Western North Carolina region. Our main office is at the SECU Center for MemoryCare on the Givens Estates. We also have Burnsville Clinic located at the Hospice of Yancey County Office, as well as a Haywood County Clinic located at the Haywood County Senior Resources Center. View more directions on how to reach our office.

The Best Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Asheville NC Has to Offer

Our approach at MemoryCare has received national recognition for innovation, focus on caregivers, and focus on patients. Through programs like MemoryCare’s Caregiver College, caregivers have the physical and psychological resources and support they need.

The MemoryCare’s Family Caregiver Education Program is offered in Buncombe and Haywood Counties. It is a series of 6 two-hour lectures for caregivers of persons with memory disorders. The goal of these sessions is to improve the caregiver understanding of different aspects of dementia care. The instructor for the course will be a staff member of the MemoryCare team and will be available to answer questions and recommend the best Alzheimer’s caregiver support Asheville has to offer.

Caring for the Caregiver

If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, it can be difficult to take of yourself. Dementia is variable enough in its expression in one person that each day, hour or minute can be vastly different. This requires caregivers to be incredibly flexible and available for the loved at any moment. This can be a lot for even experienced caregivers to handle. An integral part of care for caregivers can be in the form of a support group. If you are searching for resources such as the best Alzheimer’s caregiver support Asheville. View our list of support groups in the area and take a step towards supporting yourself.