Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group

alzheimer's caregiver support group

Memory Care offers resources such as Alzheimer’s caregiver support group opportunities and much more.

MemoryCare located out of Asheville NC is committed to providing caregiver support to those providing for individuals with memory disorders. Traditional models of dementia care focus solely on the patient – and while this is a positive thing – it leaves out a critical aspect of medical care. Caring for the caregiver is often overlooked, and MemoryCare works to address this lack of important focus. Learn more about what is unique with MemoryCare’s clinical model.

MemoryCare welcomes caregivers to participate actively and in office visits and engage more than three caregivers for each client who has a memory disease. Our goal is for caregivers to feel supported, comfortable, and confident in this important role they provide. At MemoryCare we provide specialized and personalized medical care to older adults with cognitive impairment. Part of this approach includes providing the Asheville area and Western North Carolina region with access to Alzheimer’s caregiver support group opportunities.

An Alzheimer’s caregiver support group allow caregivers to share their experiences and knowledge in a supporting and welcoming environment. While over half of the Network attendees are enrolled in MemoryCare, it is not a requirement. The MemoryCare Network groups are open to anyone caring for a person with a memory disorder. The collective wisdom in the room provides an opportunity for learning skills to provide care for your loved one with a memory disorder. Learn more about the MemoryCaregivers Network and see if it is a great next step for you.

We are committed to making advancements in the approach for supporting caregivers in the medical field of memory disorders. Our goal is to fill a gap in the care for persons with cognitive impairment and their caregivers. Contact MemoryCare today for information on an Alzheimer’s caregiver support group and personalized care and support for you and your loved one with a memory disorder.