Alzheimer’s Support Group Asheville

alzheimer's support group asheville

Learn more about how MemoryCare can help with Alzheimer’s, such as attending a great Alzheimer’s support group Asheville NC offers.

MemoryCare in Asheville NC provides care and support for both patients with memory disease and their caregivers. Being a caregiver to a loved one with Alzheimer’s comes with an array of feelings and responsibility. The current treatment model for Alzheimer’s rarely includes the caregiver in support and care. In order to provide the best care for an individual with Alzheimer’s, it is essential for the caregiver to feel supported and listen to. For resources such as information about Alzheimer’s support group Asheville NC, contact MemoryCare today.

MemoryCare Alzheimer’s Support Group Asheville NC

Asheville and the Western North Carolina region are like the rest of the country in that there is a population that is aging and needing memory care. Medical advancements are helping Americans live longer than ever before. While this is a great thing in many ways, one of the effects of living longer is an increase in the development of memory impairments.

MemoryCare in Asheville NC is a non-profit charitable organization that seeks to pioneer community-based care of memory-impaired individuals. Our approach has received national recognition for innovation, includes the care of caregivers in our approach of treating patients. It is essential that caregivers feel supported in taking care of their loved one with a memory disorder. Part of this is ensuring that there are available Alzheimer’s support group Asheville NC has to offer. View the current support groups that are available in Asheville.

Caregiver Support, Courtesy of MemoryCare

The hallmark of MemoryCare is our focus on caregiver support. We strongly believe that when caregivers feel supported and knowledgeable about their role as the primary support for an individual with memory disorders, they are able to provide the best care possible. Alzheimer’s is often referred to as “the long good-bye,” and this can involve painful interactions. But with MemoryCare, we hope that your final time together can be punctuated with moments of laughter and joy. Learn more about how MemoryCare can help you and your loved one with Alzheimer’s, whether it’s attending a great Alzheimer’s support group Asheville NC offers or utilization of our services.