App State University Research Opportunity

Researchers at Appalachian State University are looking to recruit participants for a study to understand how people living at home with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, and their family caregivers, use programs and services in their communities. Their goal is to learn more about the types of programs and services that people with Alzheimer’s/dementia and their caregivers use, as well as about services that they don’t currently use but would find helpful.

Participation in the study would involve a one-hour interview with a member of their research team. Interviews could be conducted in-person, by phone, or over Zoom depending on your preference. They are offering $25 gift cards to each interviewee as appreciation for their time ($50 for interviews in which both a caregiver and their loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease participate).

Interested participants could let them know about their willingness to do an interview by completing their brief survey to collect contact and demographic information:

Note: MemoryCare is not affiliated with Appalachian State University or this research opportunity. It is shared here for information sake.