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Happy Birthday SECU Center for MemoryCare!!! As we celebrate the first birthday of our beautiful new building may we say a special thanks to the Members of the SECU Foundation, all the generous donors who matched their challenge gift, the Givens Communities family, and Judd Builders. This lovely space, completely funded through the generosity of our supporters, makes it possible to care for over a 1000 families facing a future with dementia each year and to help them live the best quality life possible.


Did you know a young man hiked the entire Appalachian Trail to raise awareness for memory loss, and funds for MemoryCare? Click the link below to learn about Johnny’s journey on the trail, and how MemoryCare plays a role in the journey of those caring for a loved one living with memory loss.

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Americans are living longer than ever before.

While this is wonderful in many ways, one of the challenges we now face is that more of us are developing memory impairments.

For some, it arrives before age 65. For most, it comes much later; memory impairment affects close to half of Americans over 85. Alzheimer’s disease, the most well-known condition in the family of memory disorders, is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the Centers of Disease Control. Regardless of its severity or the form it takes, memory impairment is one of the most common reasons for dependency in later life.

“Until there is a cure there is MemoryCare,” says Dr. Margaret Noel, founder of MemoryCare.

MemoryCare is here to provide older adults with cognitive disorders and their caregivers with the medical care, support and counseling they need to live as fully as possible.

Located in Asheville, N.C., MemoryCare is a non-profit charitable organization recognized for its pioneering work in community-based care of memory-impaired individuals. For most patients and families, this is what they want: to stay home as long as possible. It is our job to make that possible. Our approach, which has received national recognition for innovation, focuses on the caregivers as well as the patients. Through programs like MemoryCare’s Caregiver College, caregivers receive the physical and psychological resources they need.

Cognitive disorders are often described as “the long good-bye.”

With MemoryCare, that time together can be punctuated with moments of laughter and joy.