Board of Directors

A Message from one of MemoryCare’s Recent Board Presidents:

Many of us remember the first time we heard about MemoryCare.  I imagine many of us know someone that has been affected by dementia.  When it affected our family, we felt overwhelmed and unsure about how MemoryCare could help us.  When we left MemoryCare we knew we were not alone in this journey.


MemoryCare is a non-profit medical clinic that interacts with older adults with memory loss and their caregivers in a unique way.  While integrating care for the patient with counseling and training to the caregiver, MemoryCare’s staff treats everyone as a family unit.  Often times, caregivers experience a great deal of emotional and physical stress without receiving the comprehensive support they need.  In dealing with the challenges this disease reveals, MemoryCare’s model of care provides the caregiver with the time and training they need.  This unique program takes time and significant resources.


I want to personally thank all of you that have been such loyal supporters.  Without your contributions, MemoryCare would not exist.  Before there is a cure, there must be a MemoryCare to provide the community with vital dementia care services.  Please join us by supporting this nationally recognized program as we move forward with our mission.



Pam Turner

Current Board


David Key, CPA

Vice President:

Gerald De Land


Rebekah Lowe, CLC ACC

Board Members:

Mark Bailey
Amy Cohen, MD
Caroline Knox, Esq.
Carol Lawrence
Doris P. Loomis, Esq.
Tom Owens
Claire H. Smith
Michelle Webb, RN
Virginia H. Templeton, MD ~ Executive Director
Margaret A. Noel, MD ~ Founder, Director Emerita, Ex-Officio Board Member